• Worship

    We worship Jesus as the one God sent to save us and restore us. To worship is to give extravagant respect or admiration to something. When we worship Jesus he gives us life like nothing else can.

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  • Faith

    We place our faith in Jesus, the Son of God and Savior of the world. Our faith and hope in Jesus is not without convincing historical evidence. Learn more about this Jesus who offers us healing and hope and put your faith in him.

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  • Witness

    A witness is simply someone who tells others what they have seen and experienced. We have seen and experienced how radically Jesus has restored our lives from pain and brokenness and made beautiful things out of our lives.

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Annual Conference Assembly

Central Christian School in Kidron hosted the 2017 Annual Conference Assembly (ACA) of the Ohio Conference March 24-25, 2017. Two hundred seventeen people attended ACA, representing 46 congregations.

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Ministry Grants

Is your congregation looking for ways to fund a ministry that impacts your community? Consider applying for a grant from the Ohio Conference. The Ohio Conference Ministry Development Team has $24,992 available for grants. Apply by Aug. 9.

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News & Stories

Missional Church: The fad that just won’t go away

By Jessica Schrock-Ringenberg Recently I heard an observation following Ohio Conference’s Annual Conference Assembly in which we focused on becoming a mission-driven (a.k.a. “Missional”) conference. The observation? It seems as though our younger leaders are the driving force behind the passion for this movement. And so the question becomes, “Why?” Why are younger leaders pushing for this change? Is it…

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Grant program to benefit local ministries

Is your congregation looking for ways to fund a ministry that impacts your community? Consider applying for a grant from the Ohio Conference. For the sixth year in a row, the Ohio Conference Ministry Development Team (MDT) is accepting grant proposals from Ohio Conference congregations and related organizations for projects and mission initiatives. This year the MDT has $24,992 available…

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Interview with Ervin Stutzman

In this episode of the Ohio Conference Cast, Ervin Stutzman, executive director of Mennonite Church USA, has a challenge for the Ohio Conference: “Stretch yourself a bit by hanging around with people sometimes who have a different perspective than you. You don’t have to be like them. You don’t have to make your church like theirs, but expect that there’ll…

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What does it mean for Ohio Conference to be Gathered and Sent?

In this episode of Ohio Conference Cast, hosts Thomas Dunn and Bill Seymour talk with Regional Pastor Cliff Brubaker about Gathered and Sent, a new focus which brings together the work of two previous initiatives, the Year of Mission and the Year of Covenant. Cliff describes what planners are envisioning for both the “Gathered” and “Sent” parts of this process. Hint:…

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Ervin Stutzman to hold meetings in Ohio

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Ervin Stutzman, executive director of Mennonite Church USA, will be traveling through Ohio in June, and Ohio Conference has set up two meetings for delegates, pastors and other interested persons to meet with him. Those attending will hear him share about the upcoming MC USA convention in Orlando and the Future Church Summit*, which will take place at the convention.…

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Worship is formation — formation is worship

By Ellen Nussbaum Members of Oak Grove Mennonite Church (Smithville) and Sonnenberg Mennonite Church (Kidron), having discovered a common interest in exploring training and resources for leading congregational worship, came together to plan a Worship Resourcing Seminar. It was held on Saturday, May 6, at Sonnenberg Mennonite Church. Sixty-three participants gathered from 16 different Ohio Mennonite congregations. Participants included youth,…

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