Dan King (left) and Haroldo Nunes (right) lead the workshop “Healing Cultural Tensions in the Church” at the 2018 Annual Conference Assembly.


#1 — Be Anxious for Nothing!

Presenter: Andy Stoner, pastor and counselor and chair of the Credentialing Ministry Team

This workshop looks at the God-given capacity for feeling anxiety and how we as persons of faith can deal with it in a God-honoring way. Participants will have a better understanding of our human capacity for experiencing anxiety, and how our faith can help us.


#2 — Between Pastors: Opportunities for Growth

Presenter: Verle Brubaker, transitional pastor at Maple Grove Mennonite Church (Hartville)

Participants in this workshop will discover a process that will assist congregations to make the most of the time between pastors. They will be encouraged to see that a transitional process is an opportunity to reset ministry and deliberately define what they are looking for in a new pastor.


#3 — Can an Old Church Learn New Tricks? Learning Lessons from a Legacy Church’s Missional Experiment

Presenter: Alex Dye, associate pastor, Oak Grove Mennonite Church (West Liberty)

What happens when a 150-year-old country church decides to step out in faith and do something completely different in order to be more missional? Hear the story of the successes and failures of a small country church opening a community center and the important missional lessons learned from our mishaps and missteps. Discuss and consider ways in which your church might challenge itself to step outside of its comfort zone in order to be missional.


#4 — Explore, Equip, Send: A Three-Phase Mentoring Experience for Igniting a Missional, Anabaptist Movement

Presenter: Karla Minter, Mennonite Mission Network

Come and engage in a participatory workshop highlighting the Sent Network, a three-phase mentoring experience for peace church planters, launched by Mennonite Mission Network in early 2019. We will discuss the resourcing available in each phase to further your local and regional vision for identifying emerging leaders, fostering a discipling culture, spiritual and leadership development, creating new communities of faith, and more! (Explore – Identifying potential peace church planters; Equip – Equipping peace church planters with a multiplication DNA; Send – Launching new peace churches.) Bring your own vision, experience, and questions to this lively conversation!


#5 — Forging Peace

Presenter: Joel Short, pastor, Toledo Mennonite Church

Turning guns into garden tools is a prophetic way of combining missional discipleship and peacemaking. Too often Mennonite churches choose either mission or peace witness, but they can be done together. Come learn about the work Toledo Mennonite Church is doing in partnership with RAW tools.


#6 — The Future of Mennonite Church USA

Presenter: Glen Guyton, executive director of Mennonite Church USA

During this question and answer session with the new executive director of MC USA, find out his vision for the church moving forward. Learn more about the Journey Forward, our churchwide renewal process of engaging in scripture, storytelling and sharing how God is at work in the lives of people and congregations across MC USA. Be ready to engage as MC USA lives into its call in the 21st century.


#7 — Holding On and Letting Go: Engaging Difficult Issues as a People of Faith

Presenter: Rob Burdette, transitional pastor, Sharon Mennonite Church

As we encounter others in our missional quest, this workshop will equip participants how to engage difficult issues when we meet those who hold different values from both inside and outside of our faith communities. Where do we find common ground with those with whom we disagree? How do we suspend judgement of the “other”? Can we learn about God from people outside of our formal church structure and remain faithful? One central goal is to distinguish peripheral issues from the core of our faith while building communities of shalom.


#8 — Loving My Neighbor as Jesus Loved Me

Presenter: Haroldo Nunes, executive director of Open Arms Hispanic Ministry

Participants will hear Haroldo’s testimony about his work with Salem Mennonite (Wooster) and Open Arms Ministry. They will hear how the love of the Church in northwest Ohio impacted the lives of Haroldo and his family and how they are now giving back this love to Open Arms Hispanic Ministry and the community at Salem (Wooster), transforming it into a multi-cultural community.


#9 — Make Disciples that Make Disciples

Presenter: Jacob Dodson, pastor, Wooster Mennonite Church

This workshop will provide an overview and application of the Missional Discipleship Initiative in Ohio Conference. Participants will learn how to launch missional discipleship groups, benefit from missional coaching, and collaborate in new ways with peers from other Ohio Conference churches.


#10 — Not Dead Yet: Renewed Life Through Missional Practices

Presenter: Michael Danner, associate executive director of church vitality, Mennonite Church USA

“If things don’t change, we won’t last much longer.” This is heard all the time. Local congregations are getting smaller, and attempts to grow the church leave people exhausted. There are many different ways to address the current decline in a congregation. This workshop will focus on two: Church systems (i.e. how to decide what to do and why) and Anabaptist discipleship (i.e. how to practice Anabaptist faith in everyday life). Two frameworks will be suggested that, when put into practice, can create space for missional engagement in your community.


#11 — On the Journey Toward Developing Missional Leaders

Presenter: David B. Miller, AMBS Church Leadership Center and designer and teacher of the Journey curriculum

Journey: a Missional Leadership Development Program is a certificate program for developing leaders centered in Jesus Christ for ministries in local churches and communities. Participants gain knowledge, develop skills and prepare themselves spiritually for deeper participation in God’s reconciling mission. During their time in the program, participants walk closely with a personal mentor with whom they explore their learning, their questions and their sense of call. Participants will learn how Journey can assist in developing congregational leaders for deeper involvements in the church’s witness to the reign of God and how it provides a way of testing and deepening a call to ministry and leadership.