Ministry Development Team to award ministry grants

Is your congregation looking for ways to fund a ministry that impacts your community? Aug. 5 is the deadline to submit a grant proposal to the Ohio Conference Ministry Development Team (MDT). The MDT is accepting proposals from Conference congregations and related organizations for projects and mission initiatives. This year the MDT has $24,750 available for grants.

How will grant proposals be evaluated?

The MDT will use the following criteria in reviewing the applications:

  • Does this proposal fit with the Conference priorities of worship, faith and witness?
    • Our passionate worship flows from our confession of God as Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer.
    • We have a vibrant faith in God as Lord of all, who is at work reconciling the world.
    • Through our bold witness others will accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and will build peace with all humankind.
  • Does this project respond to the priorities identified by Ministry Development Team?
    • Start-up ministries/new initiatives
    • Community outreach
    • Revitalization of a congregation
    • Church planting
    • Focus on children or youth ministry
    • Missional coaching
    • Strengthening congregation-to-congregation relationships within Ohio Conference
    • Peacemaking education/action
    • Spiritual direction
    • Initiatives which cross cultural boundaries
  • Is this proposal a collaborative effort among Ohio Conference congregations and/or related organizations?

Please note that this is a one-time grant, and grant monies are not intended to be used for staffing. You may either submit an online application using the form below or mail a printed application form to Ohio Conference, Box 210, Kidron OH 44636. The MDT will consider all grant proposals at its Aug. 19 meeting.

To download a printed application, click here: 2019 OC Grant Application

Ohio Conference Grant Application

  • Contact Information

    Please list primary contact for clarification and notification.
  • Project Summary

  • Project Details

  • Funding Details

Previous grants

The following articles detail the grants approved by the Ministry Development Team in 2016, 2017 and 2018:

MDT awards seven grants in 2018

The Ohio Conference Ministry Development Team (MDT) has awarded seven grants totaling $21,860. The MDT approved these grants at its Aug. 23 meeting. Funding for these grants comes from surplus funds that had accumulated during years in which the Conference ended its fiscal year with a surplus.

Grants will provide funding toward the following projects:

The Server — Crown Hill Mennonite Church is working with an ecumenical group of churches to open a café in Rittman called the Server. The emphasis of the café will be to provide a ministry of presence, providing a space in town where people of all ages can feel safe hanging out and strengthening relationships. Snacks will be available, and patrons will have access to wifi.

Mennonite & Brethren Marriage Encounter — Open Arms Hispanic Ministry is partnering with several congregations (Salem Mennonite in Wooster, Orrville Mennonite, Chestnut Ridge Mennonite and Martins Mennonite) to hold a Marriage Encounter weekend at the Comfort Inn in Millersburg. The weekend presentation will be for both English and Spanish speakers.

Tedrow Homework Table — Tedrow Mennonite Church is providing a homework table program for youngsters in the Tedrow area. Volunteers work with the students on Tuesdays after school. Grant funds will help with costs of the program, as well as a fall field trip.

Doxology Coffee Shop — LifeBridge Community Church in  Dover is opening the Doxology Coffee Shop in the church’s foyer. The goal of the coffee shop is to provide a healthy place that is alcohol-free for people to meet and connect.

Enhancing and Equipping for Worship Workshop — Central Mennonite Church is hosting a worship workshop, Enhancing and Equipping for Worship, on Oct. 5-6. The workshop is being planned with support from the Mennonite congregations in Northwest Ohio (Lockport, Zion, Good Shepherd, West Clinton, Pine Grove, Tedrow, Salem (Mich.), Toledo, and Inlet). Area churches of other denominations are also involved, as well as Fairlawn Haven and First Mennonite Church in Bluffton. Rachel Miller Jacobs will be the featured speaker, and a variety of workshops will be offered.

Healthy Congregations Workshop — Berlin Mennonite Church will host a Healthy Congregations Workshop led by staff from the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center. The workshop will be scheduled for sometime during spring or summer 2019.

Community Shared Work Space — Oak Grove Mennonite Church in West Liberty is planning to offer shared work spaces at the church’s downtown community center, the Grove. These shared work spaces will be for small business owners, freelancers and independent contractors needing an office space during the week or a place to meet with clients. The hope is to increase community connections in West Liberty.

MDT awards six grants in 2017

The Ohio Conference Ministry Development Team (MDT) has awarded six grants totaling $22,100 to Conference congregations and related groups. The MDT approved the grants at its Aug. 23 meeting. Funding for these grants comes from surplus funds that had accumulated during years in which the Conference ended its fiscal year with a surplus.

Grants will provide funding toward the following projects:

Wheelhouse — A  Christian Bike Cooperative

Wheelhouse — A Christian Bike Cooperative, located in Lima, Ohio, is receiving a grant toward its ministry of refurbishing bicycles and making them available to people in need. Two Ohio Conference congregations, Salem Mennonite Church in Elida and Pike Mennonite Church in Elida, have been partnering with Elm Street Church of the Brethren in Lima to provide this service, which is located on the grounds of Elm Street Church of the Brethren. (The church location is well suited to a bicycle ministry since the Ottawa River Bikeway runs directly behind the church property.) Currently, 12 other area congregations have become affiliated with this ministry, and others are in the process of becoming affiliated.

Organizers describe the Wheelhouse’s service as a “build a bike” program for those in need. Recipients work with Wheelhouse volunteers to refurbish donated bicycles. Upon completion, the recipient receives the bike, a helmet and a lock. The Christian volunteers use the shared project time to build relationships, share their faith and encourage clients to connect with a church.

The Wheelhouse receives bicycles from area churches that hold bike drives, as well as individuals and other community agencies. People in need are referred to the Wheelhouse through social service agencies and pastors.

Ohio Conference grant funds will go toward the building of an on-site storage facility which will house bikes and repair parts, as well as serving as a shop extension. Currently the donated bicycles are stored off site. The Wheelhouse has also applied for a grant for this project from the Northern Ohio District Church of the Brethren, and Everence has invited the Wheelhouse to apply for a Chapter Grant.

To learn more about the Wheelhouse’s ministry, see the feature from The Lima News:

Branches of Hope — Ramas de Esperanza

Millersburg Mennonite Church is receiving a grant toward the formation of Branches of Hope —Ramas de Esperanza, a ministry to support Hispanic immigrants in Holmes County. Services will include translation, transportation, food and housing assistance, and social services.

Laughter is Sacred Space

Grant funds will go toward the presentation of Laughter is Sacred Space by Ted & Co. in Springfield. The grant will help Southside Mennonite Church in Springfield, Huber Mennonite Church in New Carlisle and the local chapter of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), who are teaming up to bring this production to Springfield in the spring of 2018.

By bringing this drama to Springfield, event organizers hope to provide individuals in Springfield and the surrounding area with a safe space to think about and discuss the issue of suicide.

RAW Tools

An Ohio Conference grant will help fund the creation of a local chapter of RAW Tools in Toledo for the Great Lakes region. In 2016 individuals from RAW Tools, a Colorado-based nonprofit organization focused on peacemaking, came to Toledo for an event called “Guns to Gardens.” Blacksmiths from RAW Tools forged a gun taken out of the Toledo community into a garden tool to be used in an urban garden. (An Ohio Conference grant helped to make that event possible.)

Partners in the effort to create a Toledo chapter of RAW Tools include Toledo Mennonite Church, Shalom Counseling and Mediation Center, RAW Tools, and Creative Peaceful Resistance (CPR).

In addition to continuing “Guns to Gardens” demonstrations, the Great Lakes chapter of RAW Tools also will provide conflict resolution and restorative justice services for Toledo. Partnering with Shalom Counseling and Mediation Training Center in Archbold, the local chapter will be able to offer mediation training and services to the community.

Marriage Retreat — Wayne County Five-Church Network

Grant funds will support a marriage retreat in February 2018 sponsored by a network of five churches in Wayne County. The five churches include Salem Mennonite (Wooster), Chestnut Ridge Mennonite, Martins Mennonite, Orrville Mennonite and Crown Hill Mennonite. The retreat will be open all interested couples in the Ohio Conference, not just couples from the five churches. The retreat will be designed for both English and Spanish speakers.

“Reading the Bible with Jesus”

A Conference grant will help bring Bryan Moyer Suderman of Kitchener, Ontario, to Ohio to lead a weekend of scriptural study titled “Reading the Bible with Jesus” Feb. 16-17. The four-session series, which will be held at Salem Mennonite Church in Kidron, will focus on the book of Mark. Participants will consider Jesus’ approach to scripture.  This event will be open to all who wish to attend. To learn more about Bryan Moyer Suderman’s approach to teaching about scripture, see the Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary website:

Congregations partnering in this effort to bring Bryan Moyer Suderman to Ohio include Martins Mennonite in Orrville, Summit Mennonite in Barberton, Sonnenberg Mennonite and Salem Mennonite in Kidron, as well as Central Christian School.

Ministry Development Team awards eight grants

The Ohio Conference Ministry Development Team (MDT) has awarded eight grants totaling $21,614 to Ohio Conference congregations and Conference-related groups. The MDT approved the grants at its Aug. 1 meeting in Upper Sandusky.

Funding for these grants comes from surplus funds that had accumulated during years in which the Conference ended its fiscal year with a surplus.

Grants will provide funding toward the following projects:

Connexus (a developing conflict management center for Holmes and Wayne counties) —Mediation training grants for volunteers, educational services for the public, and publicity and marketing

Huber Mennonite — Renovation of a 40’ x 60’ steel building for use in church outreach activities and community use

Lighthouse Ministries of Canton — Peace curriculum and team-building curriculum for use with grade school students in an after-school program

MennoMedia — The development of a new hymnal for congregations in Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite Church Canada

Salem Mennonite (Waldron, Mich.) — Development of a welcome area in the congregation’s new worship facility, with a coffee house-style atmosphere in part of the gathering area

Salem Mennonite (Wooster) — Playground set for the church grounds

Toledo Mennonite and partnering organizations— Guns into Garden Tools event in Toledo, to be held in Toledo Oct. 29-30

Wayne County Five-Church Network — Funds for Chestnut Ridge Mennonite, Crown Hill Mennonite, Martins Mennonite, Orrville Mennonite and Salem Mennonite of Wooster to work with consultant JR Rozko to develop their missionary competencies in their local setting

To learn more details about these projects, see the descriptions published in Ohio Mennonite Evangel.