Mission in the Local Congregation

In order for local congregations to flourish in their missional calling, discernment is needed of their unique gifts as well as the needs of the broader community surrounding them. This process of discernment can begin with the leadership of the church but should also include input from the entire congregation. You may consider sharing the following questions with your congregation as a first step in clarifying your missional calling:


  1. Who are we as a church?
  2. What is one or more unique contribution(s) our church has to offer the local community?
  3. What needs do we see in our community that God might be calling us to address?
  4. Who do we aspire to be as a church, and how do we get there?
  5. Is there potential for missional partnerships with other local ministries or organizations?
  6. How can we support and celebrate the missional work our congregants are already doing?
  7. Which missional opportunities match our Anabaptist commitments to the way of Jesus, transformative community, and peacemaking?
  8. What ways can we develop a missional culture in our congregation?
  9. How can we include all age groups in our missional work?
  10. What is an area of missional focus that our entire congregation can support?