The Ministerial Scholarship Aid program is a tangible effort of the Ohio Conference Credentialing Ministry to be involved in the development and improvement of ministerial leadership.  By providing financial assistance for formal educational training, the program is designed to encourage both those preparing for ministerial service in the Mennonite Church and those wanting to grow in ministerial competence. See Ministerial Scholarships for more information.

A priority is that the educational experience of pastors and other ministry persons include opportunities to become familiar with Anabaptist/believers’ church history, perspectives on theology, and Biblical studies.  The Credentialing Ministry also affirms the values of Clinical Pastoral Education for both persons who are already in pastoral ministry and persons preparing for pastoral ministry.

Application Procedure

An electronic scholarship application form is available by contacting Dan Hooley at This form is preferred by the committee. The pastor’s signature on the form can be given by an e-mail to Dan Hooley indicating approval.

A printed form is available by contacting:
Ohio Conference of Mennonite Church USA
Attn: Judy King
PO Box 210
Kidron, Ohio 44636
Telephone: 330-857-5421

Applicants should complete the form and submit it as soon as one is aware of courses desired. Please send the completed application to Dan Hooley at or 11583 Fox Lake Road, Orrville OH 44667.  The application deadline is three months prior to the date when funding is requested by the educational institution.

Applicants will be notified by email or letter, regarding the Credentialing Ministry’s official action on their requests for Ministerial Scholarship Aid.

Ministerial Scholarship Aid monies will be sent directly to the educational institution to be applied to the applicant’s account.