A variety of documents related to Annual Conference Assembly (ACA) is available for your reference.

2024 Annual Conference Assembly

2024 Annual Conference Assembly Minutes

Ohio Mennonite Conference Constitution-approved 2024

Changes in Ohio Conference Constitution – 2024

2024-25 Narrative Spending Plan

Ohio Mennonite Conference Strategic Plan for 2024-2027

Frequently Asked Questions – Strategic Plan

Resolution of Thanks – 2024


2023 Annual Conference Assembly

2023 Annual Conference Assembly Minutes
2023 Gifts Discernment Slate – approved by delegates
Ohio Conference Personnel List 2023-24
2023-24 Narrative Spending Plan – Amended 3-4-23 – approved by delegates
Two scenarios regarding denominational affiliation

2022 Annual Conference Assembly

2022 Annual Conference Assembly Minutes
2022 Gifts Discernment Slate – approved by delegates
2022-23 Narrative Spending Plan – approved by delegates
Ohio Conference Mission Statement – approved by delegates

2021 Annual Conference Assembly

2021 ACA Minutes
2021-22 Narrative Spending Plan — approved by delegates
2021 Gifts Discernment Slate — approved by delegates
2021-22 Ohio Conference Personnel List

Conference Minister Statement Re: MC USA Membership Guidelines – ACA 2021

Timeline of MC USA Membership Guidelines

MC USA Membership Guidelines

On Status of Membership Guidelines – Resolution 2015

Forbearance Resolution – 2015


Business Session 1 — PowerPoint Presentation (PDF version)

Business Session 2 — PowerPoint Presentation (PDF version)

Business Session 3 — PowerPoint Presentation (PDF version)

2020 Annual Conference Assembly

2020 ACA Minutes
2020-2021 Narrative Spending Plan

2019 Annual Conference Assembly

2019 ACA Minutes
Immigration Resolution
Immigration Resources
Elected Official Contact Information
2019-20 Narrative Spending Plan
2019 ACA Slate

2018 Annual Conference Assembly

2018 ACA Minutes
2018-19 Ohio Conference Narrative Spending Plan
2018 ACA – Conference Minister Announcement
Resolution of Appreciation for Ralph Reinford and Cliff Brubaker
2018 ACA Financial Report with Notes (PowerPoint File – .pptx file)
2018 ACA Financial Report (.pdf  file without presenter notes)

2017 Annual Conference Assembly

2017 ACA Minutes 
2017 Ohio Conference Direction Statement

2017-18 Ohio Conference Budget
2015 Spending Plan Resolution – Rescinded in 2017

2016 Annual Conference Assembly

2016 ACA Minutes
Statement on Remaining with MC USA
Membership Resolution with Cover Letter
Proposal for One-Year Covenant for Ohio Conference Congregations, Pastors, Conference Leaders and Staff
One Year of Covenant sign-up for Congregations
2016-17 Conference Narrative Spending Plan
2016-17 Summary Budget
2016 Ohio Conference Slate

2015 Annual Conference Assembly

2015 ACA Minutes
Resolution Regarding Confession of Faith – Article 19
Amendment to Ohio Conference Constitution
Resolution Regarding Spending Plan
2015-16 Ohio Conference Narrative Spending Plan

2014 Annual Conference Assembly

2014 ACA Minutes
2014-15 Ohio Conference Narrative Spending Plan
Leadership Team Proposal
Youth Ministry Resource Proposal
Ethical Continuum on Homosexuality
Composite of Pastors’ Response to Continuum
Continuum of Certainty and Mystery

2013 Annual Conference Assembly

2013 ACA Minutes
2013-14 Ohio Conference Spending Plan (both line-item and narrative format)

2012 Annual Conference Assembly

2012 ACA Minutes
2012-13 Ohio Conference Spending Plan (line-item listing)
2012-13 Ohio Conference Narrative Spending Plan
Delegate Suggestions for Use of Surplus Funds

2011 Annual Conference Assembly

2011 ACA Minutes
Five-Year Increased Staffing Plan (proposed by Leadership Team and approved as amended by delegates)
2011-12 Ohio Conference Spending Plan
Information about Pilgrim’s Hostel

2010 Annual Conference Assembly

2010 ACA Minutes
2010-11 Ohio Conference Spending Plan

2009 Annual Conference Assembly

2009 ACA Minutes

General Documents

Executive Committee and Ministerial Staff Position Statement on Homosexuality (first released in 2000)