The Credentialing Committee’s primary role is to license and ordain pastors and chaplains who serve in Ohio Conference. The team holds those with credentials accountable for ethical behavior. We grant leadership scholarships and provide training opportunities for those in ministry. Above all, our goal as a team is to encourage and support those in ministry. We want them to be healthy as they live out their calling. We recognize that ministering persons can often experience high stress. We encourage them to have good self-care. We love our pastors and chaplains!


Credentialing Committee

Doug King, chair —
Dan Hooley —
Rebecca Kauffman —
Danae King —
Rachelle Lyndaker Schlabach —

Ministerial Scholarship Aid

The Ministerial Scholarship Aid program is a tangible effort of the Ohio Conference Credentialing Committee to be involved in the development and improvement of ministerial leadership.  By providing financial assistance for formal educational training, the program is designed to encourage both those preparing for ministerial service in the Mennonite Church and those wanting to grow in ministerial competence. See Ministerial Scholarships for more information.

Credentialing Committee Minutes

1-25-24 Credentialing Minutes (PDF)

8-24-23 Credentialing Minutes (PDF)

7-12-23 Credentialing Minutes(PDF)

5-17-23 Credentialing Minutes (PDF)

4-20-23 Credentialing Minutes (PDF)

6-16-22 Credentialing Minutes (PDF)

8-25-21 Credentialing Minutes (PDF)

5-1-21 Credentialing Minutes (PDF)

4-7-21 Credentialing Minutes (PDF)

1-6-21 Credentialing Minutes (PDF)

10-14-20 Credentialing Minutes (PDF)

7-1-20 Credentialing Minutes (PDF)

1-16-20 Credentialing Minutes (PDF)

7-16-19 Credentialing Minutes (PDF)

4-30-19 Credentialing Minutes (PDF)

11-13-18 Credentialing Minutes (PDF)

8-23-18 Credentialing Minutes (PDF)

8-7-18 Credentialing Minutes (PDF)

4-19-18 Credentialing Minutes (PDF)

2-23-16 Credentialing Minutes (PDF)

8-18-15 Credentialing Minutes (PDF)