• Worship

    We worship Jesus as the one God sent to save us and restore us. To worship is to give extravagant respect or admiration to something. When we worship Jesus he gives us life like nothing else can.

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  • Faith

    We place our faith in Jesus, the Son of God and Savior of the world. Our faith and hope in Jesus is not without convincing historical evidence. Learn more about this Jesus who offers us healing and hope and put your faith in him.

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  • Witness

    A witness is simply someone who tells others what they have seen and experienced. We have seen and experienced how radically Jesus has restored our lives from pain and brokenness and made beautiful things out of our lives.

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Annual Assembly

Lilly Grant PresentationTwo hundred seventy-six people attended Ohio Conference’s Annual Conference Assembly at Central Mennonite Church in Archbold, including 210 delegates from 54 congregations. Our thanks go to the planning committee, our hosts at Central Mennonite, and all those who volunteer efforts combined to make our time together as a conference meaningful and enjoyable!

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Youth Worker Retreat


Ohio Conference will hold a youth worker retreat Sept. 30-Oct. 1 at Camp Luz in Kidron. The retreat will feature speakers Dr. Randy Keeler, associate professor of religion at Bluffton University; and Brent Lacey, author of the book Rural Youth Ministry: Thrive Where You’re Planted.

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News & Stories

Year of Mission

Conference to begin Year of Mission

By Jacob Dodson Pastor, Wooster Mennonite Church Ohio Conference of Mennonite Church USA exists to nurture healthy congregations in worship, faith and witness. One of the best ways for the Conference to fulfill this purpose is by engaging in a Year of Mission in 2016-17. During this year the Conference will encourage members of local congregations to do mission in…

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New Fears

As my wife and I were driving to church last Sunday, she received a chat text from our daughter who lives in Northern Ireland. Our son-in-law is a technical climber, an instructor of mountaineering instructors actually, and their two daughters are quite the outdoor enthusiasts normally. In fact, at just about 4 years old the older girl had her own…

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Gathering Place is for youth leaders

  The Gathering Place is an interactive website for Anabaptist youth leaders to find connection, resourcing, networking, mentoring, and spiritual formation.  Check out the website at www.thegatheringplace.us. You can subscribe to receive the latest information from the Gathering Place.

Signs of Health in a Recovering Body

A recurring pesky condition cropped up again recently in my physical person. While not generally overwhelming, this condition is difficult to ignore and disrupts focus on “regular” life.  Not that illness, irritations, “dis-ease,” etc are not a regular part of life. They are for the vast majority of us, and quite common for many. In fact, to an immunologist, a…

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Constancy and Change

As people of faith we have the great privilege of relying on the Constancy of God. In Hebrews 13, the writer quotes a promise found in Deuteronomy — “I will never leave you or forsake you” —as a way to remind readers about how our God is so faithful. And I too can join in and declare this is true.…

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Salem breaks ground for new facility

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By Bob Sauder Editor’s note: How does a congregation decide when to build a new facility? The journey to new construction is often a long one, and the path is not always a straight line. Bob Sauder, the new moderator of the Ohio Conference, is a member of Salem Mennonite Church in Waldron, Mich. He reflects on the years-long process…

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Spiritual competence

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By George O’Reilly Year of Covenant Facilitator The Church of today is in a crisis of credibility. Not just with those who never entertained the possibility of Christian faith, but especially with many who tried the Church and found it “wanting.” If the Church just had problems with intellectuals and materialists, the Church would have much higher standing with our…

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