• Worship

    We worship Jesus as the one God sent to save us and restore us. To worship is to give extravagant respect or admiration to something. When we worship Jesus he gives us life like nothing else can.

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  • Faith

    We place our faith in Jesus, the Son of God and Savior of the world. Our faith and hope in Jesus is not without convincing historical evidence. Learn more about this Jesus who offers us healing and hope and put your faith in him.

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  • Witness

    A witness is simply someone who tells others what they have seen and experienced. We have seen and experienced how radically Jesus has restored our lives from pain and brokenness and made beautiful things out of our lives.

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Annual Assembly

aca1The 2016 Annual Conference Assembly will take place March 11-12 at Central Mennonite Church in Archbold. Mark your calendar and get ready for a time of seeing what we can do together that we cannot do apart.

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Pre-ACA Missions Training

Becoming Missional: Re-Learning How to be Sent

This year Brad Brisco and Lance Ford from Forge Network will be coming to Ohio for a missional training event before ACA. Everyone in Ohio Conference is invited, including those not planning to attend ACA.

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News & Stories

Leadership Team reflects on year so far, commits to focus on prayer

The Ohio Conference Leadership Team met on Tuesday, Nov. 17. As a conference we are about three quarters of the way through our calendar year, and Annual Conference Assembly (ACA) begins to appear closer on the horizon. In the months since the last ACA, LT has attempted to work faithfully to lead and to listen to Ohio Conference. At the Nov. 17 meeting…

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Embracing the Hope we really don’t want

By George O’Reilly Transitional Conference Leader I have come to value more and more Paul’s emphasis on Hope in the midst of personal and corporate anguish. There are simply times when despite the effectiveness of Christ’s work for His body that we simply will not receive what we know is rightfully ours in this life. Galatians 5 is an intense…

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Winter 2016 Delegate News #2

Delegates to discuss documents at cluster meetings The Ohio Conference Leadership Team has developed several documents which delegates will discuss at winter cluster meetings. The documents are included below: Statement on Remaining with MC USA Proposed Membership Resolution with Cover Letter One-Year Covenant for Ohio Conference Congregations, Pastors, Conference Leaders and Staff Please download these documents and take some time…

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Winter 2016 Delegate News

Winter cluster meetings scheduled Seven winter cluster meetings for delegates to Annual Conference Assembly have been scheduled: Wayne County — Feb. 2 at Sonnenberg Mennonite in Kidron, 7 p.m. Northwest Ohio — Feb. 4 at Zion Mennonite in Archbold, 7 p.m. Holmes/Tuscarawas — Feb. 11 at Berlin Mennonite, 7 p.m. Columbiana/Pennsylvania — Feb. 16 at Leetonia Mennonite, 7 p.m. West…

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To act — or — to react

We live in an age of “reactivity.” Certainly this is obvious in Facebook posts and the mutually disdainful and corrosive responses of our political candidates to one another. And who can blame those who respond with anger or disdain to others who have so treated them? Many consider this quite natural in human interactions, and find no need to apologize…

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Shepherding sheep

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By George O’Reilly Transitional Conference Leader Having never been to present-day Israel or Palestine, the historical setting of much of the biblical stories and events of our Christian heritage, I have never observed “shepherding” in that regional and cultural context. I have seen sheep freely pasturing on the Mourne Mountains of Northern Ireland and in the lush green fields of…

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Becoming Missional Poster

‘Becoming Missional’ training session to precede Annual Conference Assembly

Coming in March: This year before Annual Conference Assembly (ACA) you have the opportunity to grow in your knowledge and passion for God’s mission right in your own neighborhood. On Thursday and Friday, March 10-11, immediately prior to the start of ACA, Brad Brisco and Lance Ford of Forge Network will lead a training workshop focusing on how we can…

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