Coming in March: This year before Annual Conference Assembly (ACA) you have the opportunity to grow in your knowledge and passion for God’s mission right in your own neighborhood.

On Thursday and Friday, March 10-11, immediately prior to the start of ACA, Brad Brisco and Lance Ford of Forge Network will lead a training workshop focusing on how we can grow in God’s love and mission for those who are closest to us. The workshop will take place at Central Mennonite Church in Archbold, which is also the site of ACA.

This workshop, titled “Becoming Missional: Re-Learning How to Be Sent,” will be the kickoff event for the Ohio Conference Year of Mission in 2016-17.

“Becoming Missional” is formatted around teaching, interactive discussion, and strategic step-taking to get your church on the journey of faithfulness to the mission of God.

In the face of rapid cultural change, the church needs “missionary” people committed to live and lead in the incarnational way of Jesus. During the “Becoming Missional” training, participants will focus on a variety of ideas:

  • The Kingdom of God instead the kingdom of church
  • The Gospel DNA that anyone can live
  • The most transferrable church structure of the “missionary community”
  • What is Church, and how does God build it?
  • How to apprentice missionary leaders instead of pandering to consumers

The cost to attend this training event is $20 per person for those also attending Annual Conference Assembly. The cost is $40 per person for all others. The registration deadline is Feb. 18, 2016.

Please see for more information or to register.