Picture this scene: Three Mennonite pastors, two of whom are military veterans, sit down for a discussion of Mennonites and the military. This scenario may sound unlikely, but it’s actually a description of the latest episode of the Ohio Conference Cast podcast.

In this podcast episode, hosts Corben Weaver Boshart and Ramon Lianez talk with Lucas Johnson, pastor of Valley View Mennonite Church in Spartansburg, Pennsylvania.

Lucas and Ramon are both military veterans who moved from serving in the military to joining the Mennonite Church and eventually becoming pastors.

In this podcast, Lucas talks about how he came to embrace the peace position of the Mennonite Church. He also discusses the challenges that veterans face, both in dealing with their military experiences and in fitting into society following their military service.

Listen to this podcast to hear Lucas advocate for Mennonite congregations to reach out to military veterans.