The Ohio Conference Leadership Team is pleased to announce that Lynn Miller of Tedrow Mennonite Church has agreed to serve as our Conference moderator.

Lynn has been a part of Tedrow Mennon­ite Church all his life, and he has served as a delegate to Ohio Conference in the past both as a member of Tedrow and as a member of the Stewardship Ministry. This summer he served as one of Tedrow’s delegates to the Mennonite Church USA Convention in Kansas City. He has also served as an elder at Tedrow.

In 1995 Lynn founded Solana, a software company. The compa­ny now has 30 employees at two locations in Wauseon and Toledo. He and his wife, Tami, have one son, Peyton, age 18, and reside in Pettisville. He has a strong sense that this is God’s call on his life at this time and is excited about serving. He feels espe­cially honored and humbled to be completing the term of his late uncle, Bob Sauder, who passed away in April.