Ohio Conference Cast 2.0 — Meet our new hosts

After a hiatus of several months, the Ohio Conference Cast podcast is back! In this episode, our new hosts, Corben Weaver Boshart and Ramon Lianez, introduce themselves. These two friends from Northwest Ohio are both pastors of Ohio Conference congregations, but they aren’t carbon copies of each other. Listen to this episode to learn more about Corben and Ramon. You’ll…

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Online Workshop – Being Andrew: Sharing the Savior and Redeemer of the World


Presenter: Ramon Lianez This workshop will focus on re­covering simple and yet powerful evangelism for a post-Christian society. Participants will rediscover what biblical evangelism is, what it is not, and how they can share the Gospel message to those around them in a simple manner. Please note: The main portion of this workshop will run from 7 to 8 p.m.…

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An important part of Christ’s Body

By Ramon Lianez Central Mennonite Church I believe that young adults are an important part of Christ’s Body, but we are not ministering to them accordingly. The ball is being dropped on both sides; however, through appropriate means and in God’s timing, we all can turn our present situation around. I do not attest that I am an expert in…

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