Greetings to members of Ohio Conference,

Tony Doehrmann, regional pastor for the western region of Ohio Conference, has informed the Conference’s Leadership Team that he intends to retire at the end of March 2024. Pastor Doehrmann began as a regional pastor on Oct. 1, 2019. In that time, he has been a meaningful Conference connection with pastors and congregations in western Ohio.

In sharing his intention to retire, he said, “I have enjoyed working with Ohio Conference ministers and their congregations over the last four years, and have appreciated participating in Conference Leadership meetings and gatherings.” As he retires, he looks forward to “spending more time with family, fishing, and traveling.”

In its Jan. 11 meeting the Ohio Conference Leadership Team responded to Tony’s letter of resignation with warm words of appreciation and blessing. Pastor Doehrmann informed pastors in January Pastor Peer meetings of his intent to retire.

The Annual Conference Assembly, March 1-2, 2024, will include a time of appreciation.

  • Dan Miller on behalf of the Ohio Conference Leadership Team


Words of appreciation for Regional Pastor Tony Doehrmann from Ohio Conference pastors:

“I’ve always appreciated Tony’s quiet, gentle, and steady presence. He has always been willing to do whatever he could to support and encourage me as a pastor and to represent the Conference to our congregation.  God has given Tony gifts for ministry and he has used them well. He will be missed!” — Ronald L. Wenzel, pastor of Trenton Mennonite Church

“When I was a new pastor starting out, Tony took the time to get to know me and warmly welcomed me to Ohio Conference. His caring pastoral presence and wisdom will be greatly missed. — Rachelle Lyndaker Schlabach, co-pastor of Millersburg Mennonite Church

“I am grateful for Tony’s excellent work as Regional Pastor for the West. He has been a wise and warm guide that has demonstrated the ability to listen well. He has displayed a steady and calming presence during challenging times in churches and the wider Conference. His personal integrity and attention to detail have been assets to the Conference. He will be greatly missed, but I wish him God’s blessing and joy as he moves into this new season of retirement.” — Paula Snyder Belousek, pastor of Salem Mennonite Church in Elida

“I have appreciated Tony’s ministry in Ohio Conference over the past number of years. Tony has been a stable and faithful presence in the midst of chaos and change. Tony has been a support through navigating the difficulties of being a pastor during a pandemic and the subsequent fallout from that, alongside of walking with me and Lockport through a pastoral leadership change with Steve Heatwole’s retirement. Through it all, Tony has brought a listening ear, insightful questions, a discerning spirit, and the heart of a servant. I am grateful for his ministry and the relationship that has formed. Tony, may God’s grace and peace be a constant in your retirement years!” — Matt Weaver, pastor of Lockport Mennonite Church in Stryker

“Before entering ministry six years ago, I had never given a thought to who ‘pastors’ the pastor. Tony has been an encouragement to me as he served as my pastor, as well as an invaluable support to our congregation during challenging times. He has listened well, offered wise counsel, and prayed with me and for me. Tony’s leadership will be missed in our Pastor Peer group. I will also miss the way he politely humored me by laughing at my jokes!  Blessings to you, Tony.” — Sue Short, Collaborative Ministry Team member at Zion Mennonite Church in Archbold