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Thank you to everyone who attended Ohio Conference’s fall delegate cluster meetings. Delegates met for a time of discernment and discussion, considering these questions:

  1. What is the context in which Ohio Conference congregations find themselves in today?
  2. What are the needs and longings of the communities in which Ohio Conference congregations reside?
  3. In light of the context, what is God’s invitation to the congregations of Ohio Conference in the years ahead?
  4. What should be the focus of Ohio Conference’s support to congregations in the coming three years?

All the information from the cluster meetings is being collated by our process consultant, Jeanne Zimmerly Jantzi, and will be provided to the Leadership Team and the Ministry Development Team as they gather on Thursday, Oct. 12, in Upper Sandusky to continue to seek God’s vision for Ohio Conference over the next several years and create a strategic plan based on that vision.