At last weekend’s Annual Conference Assembly (ACA), a reso­lution for Ohio Conference to withdraw from Mennonite Church USA and become temporarily independent did not receive enough votes from delegates to be adopted. The Ohio Conference Leadership Team proposed the resolution to delegates on March 4 at ACA after several sessions of group spiritual discernment.

Eighty-one delegates (54.7 %) voted to affirm the resolution, while 67 delegates (45.3 %) voted against the resolution, and three delegates abstained from voting. Because the resolution did not receive affirmation from at least two thirds of the del­egates, it was not adopted. (The Leadership Team had an­nounced prior to voting that at least two thirds of delegates would need to affirm the resolution for it to be adopted.) A copy of the resolution is available for download: 2023 Resolution Regarding Affiliation.

ACA took place March 3-4 at Central Christian School in Kidron. A total of 190 people participated in ACA, including 153 dele­gates representing 35 congregations. A more complete report about ACA will appear in the March-April issue of Ohio Men­nonite Evangel.