As winter turns to spring, Ohio Conference invites you to join with others across the Conference in the exploration of new ideas.

During March and April, Ohio Conference is offering a series of free one-hour workshops on the Zoom vid­eoconferencing platform. All workshops will take place on Thursdays, beginning at 7 p.m.

These workshops, led by individuals from Ohio Conference congrega­tions, will cover a variety of topics, from crossing barriers in relating to others to caring for God’s creation.

In most years, the Conference offers workshops in person during the Annual Conference Assembly. How­ever, this year, workshops are open to anyone in the Ohio Conference at no charge.

More detailed information about the workshops follows:

March 11

Being Andrew: Sharing the Savior and Redeemer of the World

Presenter: Ramon Lianez

This workshop will focus on re­covering simple and yet powerful evangelism for a post-Christian society.

Participants will rediscover what biblical evangelism is, what it is not, and how they can share the Gospel message to those around them in a simple manner.

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March 18

Following Jesus aCROSS Barriers

Presenter: Keith Lyndaker Schlabach

Using Jesus’ conversation with the Samaritan Woman as a reference, participants will CROSS (acrostic for Christ, Reach Out, Sit down, and Stick with it) barriers in the footsteps of Jesus. Workshop par­ticipants will gain insight into how to relate and communicate with people with diverse views.

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March 25

Transforming Conflict: Tools for the Toolbox

Presenters: Lydell Steiner, Craig Mast

Conflict abounds in our society, our communities, our churches, and our families.  But how do you respond to it?  Do you immediate­ly see conflict as negative?

This workshop seeks to provide practical and proven methods for approaching conflict as an oppor­tunity for growth, improvement, and restoration of right relation­ships. Through stories and familiar scenarios, Lydell Steiner and Craig Mast of Connexus, a nonprofit fo­cused on alternative conflict reso­lution promotion, will present tools for de-escalation, discern­ment, and positive relational de­velopment.

Participants will leave the work­shop with practical tools for think­ing about, approaching, and re­solving conflict in ways that lead to restored relationships and re­stored communities.

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April 8

Creating a Culture of Ordinary Goodness: What rural Mennon­ite pastors and congregations today can learn from the rescue efforts of the village of Le Chambon and Pastor André Trocmé during WWII

Presenter: Matthew Peterson

During World War II, the French town of Le Chambon, a small, conservative, agricultural town in rural France, played a central role in the rescue operation of as many as 5,000 refugees, including 3,500 Jews. André Trocmé, who was a pacifist and the pastor at the French Reformed Church in Le Chambon during this time, played a critical role in inspiring these rescue efforts. This workshop will examine what Mennonite pastors and congregations, particularly in rural areas, can learn from Trocmé and the villagers of Le Chambon including:

  • The use of the pastorate as a form of resistance
  • The role of Scripture and Bible study groups in nonvio­lent resistance
  • How Anabaptist history can encourage rural congrega­tions to assist outsiders, im­migrants and refugees today

Pastors and congregations will gain ideas on how to help create a culture of ordinary goodness in their own congregations from the work and efforts of Trocmé and the villagers of Le Chambon.

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April 15

Rooted and Grounded: Faith, Land, and Creation

Presenter: Alan Kauffman

Come and see examples of what gives us roots and be reminded of the awesomeness of God’s Crea­tion with examples from scripture, life and science.

Participants will have a renewed appreciation of the awesomeness of God and the importance of stewarding what He has put in our care.

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To register for any of these work­shops, click on the links above or go to Please register by the Monday before the workshop. (For example, register by Monday, March 8, for the March 11 workshop.) If you miss the registration deadline but would still like to participate, con­tact Alysa Short (  or Judy King ( to receive the login link for the work­shop.