Giving to Ohio Conference increased greatly during December, according to figures provided by Financial Coordinator Stan Helmuth.

Receipts for December totaled $65,389. Of that amount $29,710 came from congregational giving. During December giving from individuals was very strong. In response to a year-end appeal letter from Conference Moderator Lynn Miller, individuals gave a total of $31,535. That amount far surpassed the amount given by individuals in any other month during the current fiscal year.

Expenses for the month totaled just $29,169, resulting in a surplus of $36,220 for December. That amount was not quite enough to completely erase the year-to-date operating deficit, but it came close. As of Dec. 31, the Conference was running a deficit of $642 for fiscal year 2020-21. Many thanks to all who contributed! We greatly appreciate your support. The Conference fiscal year ends March 31, 2021.