The Dove’s Nest, an organization committed to empowering faith communities to keep children and youth safe from abuse in their churches, homes and communities, has a new video resource available.

This new safety and abuse prevention training video for adult volunteers is now available to churches for a one-time fee of $75.

In 38 minutes, the video covers these topics:

  • Child abuse and Jesus’s message regarding safety for children
  • Why and how to implement a child protection policy
  • An overview of the Circle of Grace curriculum
  • Reporting suspected abuse
  • Tech safety and social media, as well as child-on-child perpetration
  • Consent and safe touch

You can see a one-minute preview of the training on YouTube:

For more information and instructions on how to purchase a copy of this video, please see

If you have further questions, contact Anna Groff, executive director of Dove’s Nest, at