The Ohio Conference Immigration Resource Team has added two new members from western Ohio, Megan Bettelon and Krisha Pagniano. Below they share some information about themselves and their interest in immigration:

Megan Bettelon: I’ve been a lifelong attendee of Huber Mennonite Church in New Carlisle. I am a social worker and currently work in a school setting. Growing up in an area with a large migrant population has led to my passion for immigration issues, and I am excited to serve on a team that is focused on welcoming immigrants into our neighborhoods and churches.



Krisha Pagniano: I have been in education for 14 years in the role of elementary teacher and now instructional coach in a district just outside of Dayton, Ohio. In this district we have a large immigrant population that we serve, which continues to grow every year. In my teaching role, I have gotten to know some of the families and have listened to their stories and perspectives. I joined the Immigration Resource Team to learn more about immigration and ways to provide for the needs of families.


The Immigration Resource Team also includes Dan King, Greg Bowman, and Coordinator of Volunteers Alysa Short. The team is working on developing discussion starters related to immigration for possible use in Sunday school classes or small groups.