Central Plains Mennonite Conference has produced a series of short videos with tips for leading adult Bible study groups. The series, titled “Open the Book,” features presenter Keith Slater, who has worked for SIL International and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. He is a member of West Union Mennonite Church in Parnell, Iowa.

The title of each video in the series refers to a phrase from Nehemiah 8, in which Ezra read the Book of the Law to the Israelites as they returned from exile.

In addition to a very brief introductory video, the series includes three videos:

  • “Don’t Mourn or Weep: Goals and Problems”
  • “Listen Closely: Facilitating Good Discussion”
  • “A Unified Purpose: Preparing to Lead”

All three videos are less than 30 minutes long. You can find links to them at www.centralplainsmc.org/bible-study-videos.

Many other resources for leading adult Bible studies are available at http://www.anabaptistfaithformation.org/adults.html.