By Raul Tadeo

On the weekend of June 16-18, Hispanic families came together at Camp Luz in Kidron, including 42 children, and 102 youth and adults. Families came from churches of western Ohio,  Salem Mennonite Church of Wooster and Iglesia Christiana of Columbus, Ohio.

Local Hispanics appreciated getting acquainted with Hispanic Mennonites from other Ohio churches.  Meal times were the best times to sit around tables to eat and to make new acquaintances. All appreciated the well-prepared meals provided by the Camp cooks. Especially appreciated was the one of frijoles (beans) and tortillas.

The topic chosen for the weekend was “PEACE I LEAVE WITH YOU” (John 14:27). Two main messages by Pastor Rafael Barahona dealt with “peace in the home” and “peace in the church.”  The adults were divided into small groups to discuss these topics and talk about what this truth means for our Hispanic homes and churches. The adults had their sessions in Spanish, while all the activities for the children and youth were in English.  All the groups had Bible studies plus boating, swimming in the camp’s new pool and organized games.

Everywhere we looked we saw blue T-shirts.  Most of those who assisted wore T-shirts with the words “MY PEACE I LEAVE YOU” (in Spanish). Many families spoke of staying up very late. The women talked while the boys and men played soccer and basketball, often into the morning hours.

One highlight of the retreat was when in a worship service persons responded to an invitation to commit their lives to Christ or renew their commitments.  A good number of persons went forward for prayer. Everyone left the camp revived and encouraged, saying “Esperamos vernos en 2018.” (We hope to see you in 2018.)