Immediately prior to Annual Conference Assembly, the Ohio Conference held a Missional Conference with Alan and Debra Hirsch at Kidron Mennonite Church. One hundred forty-two people from across the Conference participated in this event.

During six different sessions, speakers Alan and Debra Hirsch challenged participants to look more closely at Jesus, discipleship, mission, and sexuality.

“How do we know we have God right? Look at Jesus,” said Alan Hirsch. He discussed several ways that people tend to focus on one aspect of Jesus’ character to the exclusion of the other aspects.

Participants also heard the challenge to move across barriers to meet others rather than expecting others to come to the church. Debra Hirsch noted, “We are called to disciple everyone, not just those in the church.”

Each participant received a copy of the book Untamed: Reactivating a Missional Form of Discipleship by Alan and Debra Hirsch.



Top photo: Terry Shue of Mennonite Church USA (at left) talks with presenter Alan Hirsch during a break. Bottom photo: Debra Hirsch talks to missional conference participants about discipling others. Photos by Bryan Leaman.

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