Ohio Conference will merge the focus of the two initiatives of the past year (Year of Covenant and Year of Mission) into one. The combined initiative will be called “Gathered and Sent.” A longer version could be, “Gathered in Covenant, Sent in Mission.”

The “Sent” part of “Gathered and Sent” will provide us with resources, tools, training and support to enable us to reach out and to grow as missional congregations. Examples could include:

  • Events to encourage each other and to celebrate and hear stories about what God is doing in our settings
  • Mentoring for pastors or leaders
  • Training events for growing missional cultures, learning to live with a centered set approach, utilizing the APEST (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd and Teacher) model of leadership, and practical training in engaging in “third places,” (neutral meeting places where disciple-making relationships can begin).

The “Gathered” part of “Gathered and Sent” will help us tend to our center.  Examples could include:

  • Articulating a covenant that would include our core values, a procedure for working at differences in community, and spiritual practices to sustain covenant living.
  • Studying together how we use the scriptures and how we use the Confession of Faith;
  • Learning and practicing skills for engaging fruitfully in difficult conversations.