We look forward to seeing you at ACA

As we count down to the start of Annual Conference Assembly and the Missional Conference with Alan and Debra Hirsch, this issue of Delegate News includes some vital information for delegates. We look forward to seeing you in Kidron this weekend!

Leadership Team taps Cliff Brubaker for new assignment

The Ohio Conference Leadership Team has agreed to employ Cliff Brubaker for a special half-time assignment beginning in April, contingent on the passage of the “Healthy” budget at Annual Conference Assembly.

Currently Brubaker is serving half time as regional pastor and half time with the Year of Covenant process and focusing on trust-building between congregations and the Conference. That second half-time position will conclude at the end of March.

At Annual Conference Assembly, delegates will be asked to approve either the “Healthy” budget or the “Barebones” budget. (See the 2017 Ohio Conference Proposed Budget for details.)

If delegates approve the “Healthy” budget, starting in April Brubaker will begin a half-time assignment working with the proposed “Gathered and Sent” initiative, which is intended to continue the work of both the Year of Covenant and the Year of Mission. In this half-time position, Brubaker also will work with the Leadership Team to guide the hiring process for a half-time conference minister.

If delegates decide to approve the “Barebones” budget proposal instead of the “Healthy” budget, Brubaker will continue as a half-time regional pastor but not take on the additional half-time assignment.

Cliff Brubaker compiles summary listening report  

Since late October 2016, Cliff Brubaker has participated in conversations with leadership groups from 42 Ohio Conference congregations. He summarizes his findings from these conversations in his Summary Listening ReportAll delegates are asked to print out this summary report and bring it along to Annual Conference Assembly.