“Who is my Neighbor?” is the theme for the upcoming Ohio Conference Missional Conference with Alan and Debra Hirsch. This two-day event will take place March 23-24, 2017, at Kidron Mennonite Church immediately prior to Annual Conference Assembly.

This missional conference will focus on a variety of topics:

  • Inviting all people in so they feel that they have a place to just be and feel loved
  • Leading with embrace rather than theology
  • Respecting high standards while extending grace
  • Engaging third places
  • Christ and the Gospel as core for mission and church life

Alan and Debra Hirsch have led churches in both Australia and Los Angeles. A well-known mission strategist and speaker, Alan Hirsch is the founder of Forge Mission Training Network, 100 Movements and Future Travelers. He is the author of The Forgotten Ways, as well as numerous other books.

Debra Hirsch is a speaker, church leader and writer and a mem­ber of the Forge America national team. With Alan Hirsch she co-authored the book Untamed: Reactivating a Missional Form of Discipleship. Her most recent book is titled Redeeming Sex:    Na­ked Conversations about Sexuality and Spirituality.

Cost for this event will be $40 for Ohio Conference members attending Annual Conference Assembly, $55 for other Ohio Conference members, and $85 for non-Ohio Conference members. Participants ages 30 and younger will receive a half-price discount on the cost of registration.

Online registration for this event is now open. To register, go to http://bit.ly/2017MissionalConferenceRegistration.

2017-Missional Conference Brochure

2017 Missional Conference Flier