Cliff Brubaker 2The Ohio Conference Leadership Team has invited Interim Regional Pastor Cliff Brubaker to work with the Conference on a full-time basis, beginning Sept. 18. Since April he has been serving as regional pastor on a half-time basis.

This additional half-time assignment will have two areas of focus:

  • Working with the continuing process of the Ohio Conference Year of Covenant
  • Identifying and implementing ways to build and/or rebuild trust between congregations and the Conference, congregations and other congregations, and pastors with other pastors

This additional half-time position is an interim position and will extend through April 1, 2017. Cliff’s half-time interim position as regional pastor in the western part of the Conference also extends through that date.

Funding for this additional half-time position will come from the money which had been designated for George O’Reilly’s position as Year of Covenant Facilitator. (Those funds are coming from the Conference’s Capacity Building Fund rather than the 2016-17 spending plan.) George O’Reilly has begun a full-time position at First Mennonite Church in Bluffton, and he is continuing as a consultant for the Year of Covenant on a limited basis.