Resource Team Graphic
Do you see a need that Ohio Conference should address? One way to work at these needs is by forming a Resource Team.

A Resource Team is a temporary group that carries out specific tasks identified by the Ohio Conference Ministry Development Team (MDT). Resource Teams exist to respond quickly to the needs of congregations within the Ohio Conference. As individuals bring a need to the MDT’s attention, the MDT can choose to form a Resource Team to carry out a response to the need.

Resource Teams have worked on a variety of programs and projects in the Ohio Conference, such as Pastor-Spouse Retreat Planning, Youth Ministry Resourcing, Church Planting, Child Protection, Young Adult Ministry, Prayer, Reducing Poverty, and Immigration, among others.

If you see a need that could be addressed by a Resource Team, you are encouraged to submit your idea to the Ministry Development Team. More information about Resource Teams is on the Conference website: Contact Coordinator of Volunteers Alysa Short at or 419-572-1348 with any questions you have about Resource Teams.