Cornerstone Mennonite Fellowship has closed its doors, but one of the last actions of the congregation will further church planting.

Members of the congregation, which was located in Plain City, decided to close the church as of Dec. 31, 2015. A closing worship service was held Jan. 10, 2016.

Following the church’s closing, the church’s board decided to make a donation to the Ohio Conference. In June, the board sent the Ohio Conference a $2,500 donation which is to be used for church planting.

In a letter of thanks for the donation, Conference Moderator Bob Sauder reflected on the closing, saying, “Jesus, in his teachings, used the examples of seeds many times.  As I read of your desire to see those funds used in church planting, I was struck by the thought that a seed has to die in order to produce fruit.  Dying is often a painful process as I am sure was the case at Cornerstone, but it can also be a time of recommitment and growth as we move forward. What I find so refreshing is your willingness to cast that seed so that others can find the joy and fellowship and growth that I am sure you all experienced at Cornerstone.”