At the 2016 Annual Conference Assembly, delegates discussed the Leadership Team’s proposal to enter into a Year of Covenant, and congregations have been invited to sign the covenant.

The document can be downloaded here: One Year of Covenant sign up for Congregations

Some excerpts from the covenant document are included here:

  • We will attempt to participate fully, converse respectfully, and to the best of our abilities interact with the love and respect due to each other as sisters and brothers in Christ.
  • We commit to support our Pastor/s in attendance at special events and freedom from congregational responsibilities while attending. We will as we are able give emphasis also to the Year of Mission events as the companion focus of this Covenant.
  • We hope to build through our participation our own partnership with other fellowships in growing more into a Body of Christ, maturing as the Spirit leads us.


Signed copies of the covenant should be returned to Judy King, Ohio Conference of Mennonite Church USA,  Box 210, Kidron OH 44636.