Flat Menno enjoyed spending some time with the Tedrow Mennonite Church Family recently.
Flat Menno enjoyed celebrating at Brandon (holding Flat Menno) and Evan’s birthday party at MYF one night.
He sneaked into the church office to have some fun as he copied himself on the copy machine.
Flat Menno enjoyed playing games and visiting with some of the older and wiser
persons in the congregation.  The youth occasionally visit the with the
“elders” of the congregation who are homebound or reside at Fairlawn
Haven. It’s a great way to have intergenerational interaction, hear
life stories and have fun together.
Flat Menno is helping to get the word out about the Tedrow Paper
Pantry, a three-church (Pentecostal, Methodist and Mennonite) effort to
provide paper products and general supplies to persons in the community
who need them.