Flat Menno recently spent time at Good Shepherd Mennonite Church in Archbold. Flat Menno was
introduced to the congregation, and they were exited to hear how he has
been visiting different Mennonite churches and has been impressed with what he
has witnessed.  Praise the Lord!
Earlier, before Flat Menno’s visit, the church hosted a women’s gathering on Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014. They had two guest speakers, one in the morning, Sister Ester Flores, and one in the afternoon, Mary Bentancur. Their theme was “God has filled my Blessing Basket,” based on Hebrews 13:15. The women were blessed by God’s words and encouraged to fill their baskets with the Word of God.


On March 22 the Good Shepherd congregation welcomed a guest speaker, Evangelist Jacob Tijerina Jr.Pastor Aguilar gave the blessing to begin the service. There was time for prayer at the altar, worship and the words of blessings from God through the ministry
of the guest speaker. He spoke on the “supernatural” and how we are natural beings with a supernatural Lord and Savior. There was
time of refreshing and special music led by the congregation’s Worship Team, including Sam Tijerina, David Tijerina, Mary Avina and Jacob Tijerina Sr. In addition, two young girls sang a special song, “I’m Never Alone.”



Flat Menno was pleased
to take a picture with Good Shepherd’s guest speaker, Evangelist Jacob Tijerina from
Oklahoma, the pastor’s wife, Eloisa, and Pastor Israel Aguilar and retired pastor
Jacob Tijerina Sr. (father to their guest speaker).