Is there anyone more fortunate than Flat Menno?

Recently when Flat Menno traveled up to the northwest corner of Ohio to visit Pine Grove Mennonite Church in Stryker, he discovered he had the opportunity to visit not one but two congregations! Flat Menno just happened to be present on the very day that Pine Grove Mennonite and Good Shepherd Mennonite combined their congregations for a joint worship service. What a joyful time he had as these congregations sang (in both English and Spanish), worshiped, and praised God together. Flat Menno also enjoyed a message from Pastor Israel Augilar (Good Shepherd) before joining everyone for a potluck meal.



As a visitor Flat Menno knows the importance of a warm
welcome, so he was very pleased that he arrived early enough to help
greet each one as they came to worship.


Sandy Stuckey then invited him to join a Sunday school class. Sunday school is one of the strengths of Pine Grove, as members open the Scriptures together and discover how God would apply each truth to their lives. The laughter and the tears that they share are evidence of the love that they have for one another. It is in this community that they share the challenges of being faithful as well as the rewards that come from seeing God at work.

As Flat Menno left, he took time to admire the sign along State Route 2. He recalled Pastor Gary Stuckey telling him that many people thank him for the encouragement they receive as they drive past Pine Grove.