Flat Menno’s travels took him to western Pennsylvania, where he was able to meet the members of Maple Grove Mennonite Church.

The Maple Grove congregation is active in the local community. During the first weekend in September, New Wilmington held a 150th year celebration, and several people from Maple Grove helped with the Saturday afternoon games for the children.

Several church members also attended the New Wilmington Ministerium Leadership Summit in October, which was the third such yearly meeting for these area churches.

Maple Grove also is participating in the newly started Backpack Program for New Wilmington elementary and middle school students needing some extra weekend food. This need is related to some families having less economic means. Various churches in the area are collaborating in packing 22 bags each week to be distributed (discreetly) by teachers into the backpacks of those receiving the extra food for weekend use. The bags are packed at the Sharon Food Warehouse in Sharon, Pa.

During the summer one of Maple Grove’s members also participated in the New Castle, Pa., summer feeding program sponsored by the Pittsburgh Food Bank and the local area.

Oct. 6 was the national Chain of Life Day, and some members of Maple Grove participated in the  hour-long poster-holding session along New Wilmington streets to show that they are not for abortion.

One other way that members of Maple Grove are involved in the local community is through the New Castle chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Maple Grove has made financial contributions, done devotions and prepared meals for Habitat for Humanity workers at various times.

Flat Menno meets Cheryl Vanatsky, pastor of Maple Grove Mennonite Church.


Flat Menno checks out the decorations at Maple Grove Mennonite Church. Lorraine McKibben, who prepared this “I am the vine, you are the branches” display, often decorates the table in the coat room at the church.


Flat Menno meets two children from Maple Grove during Sunday school time.
Flat Menno meets with the church family at Maple Grove on one Sunday morning.