When Flat Menno visited Orrville Mennonite Church this summer, he went to Camp Luz, participated in Bible School, went on a mission trip, and was able to meet lots of people.


(Walking in God’s Strength), an elementary age outreach ministry has a yearly
retreat at Camp Luz. On the Sunday morning of the retreat, Orrville Mennonite holds
its worship service at Camp Luz and enjoys a day of worship, fellowship, and
intergenerational activities.  This year
Flat Menno was able to come to camp as well.


Flat Menno enjoyed the worship time at Camp Luz.



Flat Menno visits with Willie Miller and Marilyn Kamp on a SWAP (Sharing with Appalachian People) site in MacDowell
County, W.Va.



Menno spent time with Orrville Mennonite’s middle school group, Breakaway.



Chestnut Ridge, and Martins Mennonite churches held Bible School together on
Orrville Mennonite’s campus. Flat Menno was able to meet with the VBS planning crew.



Menno meets with youth pastor Heather Miller and Ministry Inquiry Intern from
Bluffton, Ashley Litwiller.


Menno spent time with retiring Elder Wendell Hostetler at a congregational business meeting.


Menno at VBS? Can you find him?