Flat Menno came to Beech Mennonite Church in Louisville just in time to witness baptisms on Sunday, May 26. He spent time with the congregation for the next few weeks, and was able to attend Vacation Bible School June 10-13 as well.


Flat Menno checks out the baptismal font.


During the children’s time in the worship service, Flat Menno and the children look at the  baptismal font with Pastor Dan King.



Pastor Dan King baptizes Josh Sleutz.


Charlie McNatt and Josh Sleutz dry off with towels after their baptisms.


Pastor Dan King talks to the congregation on the occasion of the baptism of two new members while Flat Menno looks on. Two other people who had previously been baptized, Kathy Moot and Adriana Miller, also joined the congregation at the same time, and Pastor Dan led the congregation in welcoming the four new members.


Flat Menno watches as Matt and Abby Hartzler work in the church garden, Beech’s Bounty.


Flat Menno and Anna Belle Schmucker look at some of the items in the church library.


Flat Menno also stopped by to help the Beech Women Serving.
The Beech elders welcomed Flat Menno to one of their meetings.


Flat Menno stopped by to see Eunice Schmucker as she prepared programs for people coming to the Sunday morning worship service.


Flat Menno, Abby Hartzler and Andy Hartzler watch as Pastor Dan King works with the beehive at the parsonage.


Flat Menno found a nest of baby bunnies in one of the church flower beds.



Flat Menno watched while Vernon Yoder (front) and Roger Slater worked in some of the flower beds around the church.


Flat Menno visited Diana Gruber, the church secretary, in her office.


Flat Menno also was happy to spend time with the children at Shepherd’s Gate Child Care Center, a ministry of the Beech congregation located in the church building.



Flat Menno enjoyed play time with the Shepherd’s Gate children.


Flat Menno also spent time at Vacation Bible School, which took place June 9-13. He was able to take part in the worship times.


Flat Menno had a little trouble doing the motions to some of the Bible School songs, but he enjoyed worship time anyway.


Flat Menno enjoyed watching the drama during the worship time.


Flat Menno also got to play some of the outdoor games during Bible School.


Hannah Frederick lets Flat Menno model her completed craft during Bible School.