Flat Menno decided it was time to travel to Pennsylvania. He went to Corry, Pa., to visit the congregation at Beaverdam Mennonite Church. While there, he spent time with a variety of people and even helped with some of the renovations going on at the parsonage in preparation for the new pastor and his family, who will be coming to Beaverdam in mid-July.

Flat Menno checks out the altar display at Beaverdam Mennonite Church. Interim Pastor Deb Horst is in the middle of a sermon series on Ephesians.
Flat Menno practices the offertory with Christopher Meerdink and Monica Kerr.


Flat Menno visits with Lorena Sorenson and Carol Ann Troyer.


Flat Menno helps out the in sound room during services with Kevin Sorenson.


Flat Menno meets with Lydia (serving in Asia) and Joshua Harms (Youth Venture, Ft. Myers, Fla.)


Flat Menno helps David Harms with the parsonage renovation in preparation for Pastor Marty Misener’s family. The new pastoral family will be coming to Beaverdam in mid-July.


Flat Menno works on the parsonage renovation.