Flat Menno found lots of activity when he stopped in to visit Longenecker Mennonite Church in Winesburg. He was able to take part in the gym night for youth and young adults. He also was able to see the church’s dinner theater production.

Flat Menno saw Leroy Kuhns and Bruce Raber participating at gym night.
Flat Menno watched the basketball going in the basket along with Leroy Kuhns and Travis Kurtz during gymn night.


Flat Menno wanted to try playing volleyball along with Michelle Raber and Gary Miller during gym night.



Flat Menno inspects a poster publicizing the dinner theater production at Longenecker Mennonite.


Flat Menno sees Miriam Kline and Mary Miller practicing for the dinner theater production, “The Real Housewives of Cricket County.”
Flat Menno sees Earl Miller, Dave Schluep and Mervin Kurtz in the dinner theater production of “The Real Housewives of Cricket County.”