Flat Menno spent time with the Lockport Mennonite Church congregation in Stryker during the end of January and beginning of February.


Flat Menno went along to the Archbold Community Meal. This meal is hosted by a number of congregations in the area, including Lockport.


Flat Menno looks at the desserts at the Archbold Community Meal.
Flat Menno rides along with Lockport’s custodian, Joe Graber, as he clears snow to welcome people into the church during the week.
Flat Menno joins the Kauffman Family Choir, which sang during the Jan. 27 worship service to celebrate Zelma Kauffman’s 90th birthday. Although many members of the choir attend other churches locally and outside the community, they gathered at Lockport to celebrate this special milestone.


Flat Menno attended the soup dinner at Lockport held by the MYF on Jan. 27 after the worship service. The dinner raised funds for the youth to travel to the churchwide convention in Phoenix this summer.


Flat Menno is ready to help serve people attending the soup dinner on Jan. 27.


Flat Menno joins the youth group for Bible study on a Wednesday night.