Flat Menno spent time visiting with the members of Martins Creek Mennonite Church in Millersburg, learning more about some of their service projects and visiting the women’s retreat.

Flat Menno inspected the “Change for a Dollar” collection. “Change for a Dollar” is an opportunity for people at Martins Creek to give a dollar during Sunday school or before or after the worship service. People from the congregation bring suggestions from friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, etc., who may need some help with food, a bill, some health concerns or other needs. The congregation typically gives about $100 per request.


Flat Menno looks at the Martins Creek food offering.


Flat Menno stops by the MCC Meat Canning.


Flat Menno meets Martins Creek’s two new staff members, Lori Miller and Vicki Conn. Both volunteer about 10 hours per week at the church. Vicki Conn is working in pastoral care, and Lori Miller is working in discipleship.
Flat Menno also was able to visit the Martins Creek Women’s Retreat, which was held Feb. 1-2 at the Berlin Hotel and Suites.


The theme of the women’s retreat was prayer and the different ways that the women can incorporate prayer in their lives. The event was led by a number of women from Martins Creek.


Thirty-five women from Martins Creek attended the women’s retreat.