Flat Menno traveled to Summit County and spent time at Summit Mennonite Church in Barberton during November.

Here Flat Menno is attending Summit Mennonite’s Council meeting. (See him in the far corner?) Council is made up of the chairs of each committee, the treasurer and the chair of the congregation. It makes decisions for the congregation.
Flat Menno arrived on the Sunday that Summit’s Pastor Norma Duerksen preached about the widow giving her two coins in the offering. Before that Sunday, Norma emailed all the church members to bring their penny collections to give in the offering. They were probably just gathering dust anyway at home. People brought their pennies to give to UNICEF and their work with childhood diseases. A total of $101.11 worth of pennies was given.
Flat Menno celebrated Thanksgiving with the congregation. Everyone brought part of the meal. They feasted together, giving thanks to God for God’s bountiful goodness.