Flat Menno visited Millersburg Mennonite Church in Millersburg for their Sunday morning worship on Dec. 23 when they celebrated their Christmas service.

Even before the service began, Flat Menno was in action. He helped Scott Goodland present a travel packet of goodies to co-pastors Patrick and Christine Nafziger, who were on the road right after the service to visit family.


Flat Menno helped Brook Hershberger (left) and Naomi Raber greet people as they entered the church on Dec. 23.


Flat Menno joined in the congregational singing of Christmas carols with Zack Miller and his son, Kian, on Dec. 23 at Millersburg Mennonite Church, Millersburg.


Flat Menno also enjoyed the children’s story during the Dec. 23 worship service at Millersburg Mennonite, Millersburg.