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Agenda:  PDF
  1. Opening Devotional, Jacob Dodson
  2. Review Minutes from May 11 meeting (PDF)
  3. Review of MDT’s role within Ohio Conference
  4. Reports
    1. Conference Minister (Conf Min Report PDF)
    2. Regional Pastors
    3. Coordinator of Volunteers (Report PDF)
  5. Task Force Reports from May 11 meeting
    1. Hosting Alan Hirsch Conference, Kevin Kanagy & Jason Rissler
    2. Church Planting Resource Team, Ralph & Thomas
  6. Discussion on potential Resource Team to help fill regional pastor void
    1. Sabbatical planning.  Hook up pastors with “mentors” who have already gone through the process
    2. Vision and Structure—church to church resourcing
    3. Pastoral team/Leadership Team—could plan Pastor/Elder retreat
    4. Conflict/Mediation—use people trained in mediation and conflict resolution
    5. Mentoring
  7. Grant Approval Process
    1. Explanation of how we will work through all the grants, Thomas Dunn
    2. update from Stewardship on monies available, Keith Hostetler
  8. New Business
  9. Next meeting
    1. date
    2. location