Answering God’s call together: Addressing poverty in our communities
March 9,2013

  1. Welcome! This is meant to be an interactive session, so PLEASE participateby offering
    insight and ideas, asking questions you have and expressing any concerns.
    We’re here to work together to increase our activity to reduce poverty.
  2. Biblical framework of poverty.
  3. Video Presentation of “The Line” and open discussion.
    To learn more about “The Line”, please visit “”
  4. Walking with the poor.
  5. NEXT STEPS: Identify at least 2 congregation members to lead this Church effort.
    a. Visit the Conference website (go to “Resource Teams” then to “Reducing Poverty”).
    b. Print out the “How To’s” (4 each) to get started and use for activity guidelines in your Church.
    c. Learn more about what others are doing through websites, etc. to use for local activity.
    d. Create your own activity descriptions and share with us all through the Conference website. We want to learn about your successes and follow your example in our local communities.
    e. Continue to promote the reduce poverty effort in your Church and community, and strive to collaborate with other community memberslorganizations/agencieslchurches, etc. to add strength to the local effort. Beyond the collective benefit for the community to reduce poverty, this will also literally “build community” in new ways as you learn to know and work with others outside your Church towards the common community goal to help others. We’re stronger as we partner with others and we can have a greater positive impact.
    f. Continue to share your local and wider successes through the Conference website to make this an on-going effort and provide us all models to apply in our own communities and beyond.