Feb. 21, 2024

Greetings to members of Ohio Conference,

Ann Leaman, conference editor for Ohio Conference, has informed the Conference leadership that she intends to end her work with Ohio Conference at the end of the fiscal year, March 31, 2024. Ann joined Ohio Conference staff in October 1998. During those years Ann worked with the Conference to adapt from paper to digital communication. Her editing skills have been useful in helping communication to be clear and grammatically correct.

In sharing her announcement Ann wrote, “In 25 years as a staff member for the Ohio Conference, I have gotten to know and work with many wonderful people from all across the Conference. It has been a joy to work with people who are committed to seeking God’s will together. Please know that I fully support the mission of the Ohio Conference and will continue to support the Conference as a member of my local congregation.” As she retires, Ann anticipates the birth of a new grandchild and the life changes that will bring.

In its Feb. 14 meeting the Ohio Conference Leadership Team received this news with sadness and members commented on Ann’s service:

“For many years, Ann has produced high-quality communications for Ohio Conference. Her eye for detail and editing skills will be missed.” — Rachelle Lyndaker Schlabach

“Ann has been an invaluable asset to Ohio Conference for so many years… I have appreciated her dedication and dependability. From regular publications, to the Conference website, Ann did a fabulous job of keeping everything current and keeping us all informed. We could give her basic information and she would turn that information into a helpful announcement or article.” — Judy King

“She is an outstanding editor, with a keen sense of what will make our communication better. She works diligently behind the scenes to create attractive and clear forms of communication that helps the Conference run well. I wish her God’s blessing and deep joy as she moves into this new season of life.” —  Paula Snyder Belousek

“During the 25 years of her service she has seen many changes in pastors, congregations and Conference leadership, yet her low-key, steady approach to tasks and deadlines has been a shining light through turbulent times. I enjoy and appreciate her dry, yet witty sense of humor. I always enjoyed our conversations around hiking and backpacking. She has an adventurer’s spirit. Ann will be greatly missed at Ohio Conference. She will also make a wonderful grandmother and friend for her next generation of children. May God Bless and Keep you as you transition to this new time of life.” — Ken Sims

The Annual Conference Assembly in Plain City, March 1-2, 2024, will include a time of appreciation for Ann and other departing staff.