ELKHART, Indinana (Mennonite Education Agency) — “Created in the Image of God, Shaped By Jesus” is the theme of the Lent at Home 2023 worship guide, now available for free  at the Mennonite Education Agency (MEA) website: https://bit.ly/2023LentatHome.

Using the theme developed for Leader magazine, the guide weaves weekly and daily Scriptures with worship rituals, prayers, activities, and background information to help individuals and households of all ages prepare for the season of Lent. This guide is available both in English and in Spanish.

Talashia Keim Yoder from Goshen, Indiana, wrote the Lent at Home curriculum. She is the pastor of Christian formation at College Mennonite Church in Goshen, Indiana, and the theater director at Bethany Christian Schools, Goshen. She is the content writer for Building Faith, a website ministry of the Mennonite Early Childhood Network, and developed past editions of Advent at Home and Lent at Home.

“This year’s Lenten journey calls us to discover our best human selves,” she said. “Our at-home resource includes daily prompts to aid in that discovery, as well as a weekly ritual. But I think the part I’m most excited about is what we’re calling “Human Time.” It’s a weekly call to get in touch with your humanity, whether that’s in caring for your human needs, noticing the things that make you human, or discovering your in-the-image-of-God humanity through your senses. I hope people of every age find ways to explore being human this year — in all its joy and pain and quirkiness!”

Artist Erin Ramer from Parnell, Iowa, designed and illustrated the guide. She is a graduate of Bethany Christian Schools and Goshen College. A freelance graphic designer, she also manages her local MCC Thrift Store, Crowded Closet, in Iowa City, Iowa.