HARRISONBURG, VA — The Anabaptism at 500 project is looking for 500 study groups from a broad spectrum of Anabaptist communities to participate in creating the first-ever Anabaptist Bible. People from all Anabaptist traditions, including Mennonites, Amish, the Church of the Brethren, Brethren in Christ, Hutterites, and the Bruderhof, are invited to form study groups and submit their insights for this once-in-a-generation project.

Participating is easy. Volunteers can form their study group and register at https://www.mennomedia.org/reading-scripture-together. Each group will be assigned three passages and asked to meet four times to read and study together, following a simple format. The reflections and questions generated by these groups, supplemented by insights from biblical scholars, will appear as marginal notes in the Bible. All groups are asked to register by March 2023. Anabaptism at 500 is a project of MennoMedia. Learn more at https://anabaptismat500.com.