A note from Lombard Mennonite Peace Center: For those who have already taken our Mediation Skills Training Institute (MSTI), we are pleased to offer a new one-day event:  the MSTI Refresher Course. Sessions are available on Tuesday, May 11, and Saturday, June 12.  The fee is $99, and the event runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

The full five-day version of MSTI is also available on May 3-7, June 21-25, Aug. 2-6, Oct. 11-15, and Nov. 15-19, 2021. The session in August will include the option for in-person attendance in the Chicago area. Registration for all events being offered by the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center is open now at www.LMPeaceCenter.org/ticketspice. Questions?  Please consult the 2021 MSTI Brochure, call 630-627-0507, or send an email to Admin@LMPeaceCenter.org.