Gifts Discernment Ministry to present slate at ACA
At the 2020 Annual Conference Assembly (ACA) in Plain City March 7 delegates will be asked to affirm a slate of individuals for Conference positions. The Gifts Discernment Ministry will present this slate during business sessions.
Narrative spending plan now available
At ACA delegates will be asked to adopt a spending plan for 2020-2021. At winter cluster meetings the Stewardship Ministry Team presented a proposed budget for 2020-2021. Since that time the Stewardship Ministry Team has developed a narrative spending plan for 2020-2021 which includes additional details about plans for spending in the coming fiscal year. We encourage you to download the narrative spending plan and bring any questions you have about this document to ACA.
Annual Report Book is online
The 2020 Annual Report Books is available on the Ohio Conference website at
The website includes both a PDF of the entire Annual Report Book and PDFs of individual reports.
Please note: If you indicated on your ACA registration that you prefer a printed copy of the Annual Report Book, you will receive your printed copy at ACA with your registration packet.