How do we #BringThePeace to our communities? Mennonite Church USA Executive Director Glen Guyton says, “People say that we are a historic peace church, but I say, hey, we need to be a peace church of today.” Learn more about Mennonite Church USA’s #BringThePeace campaign by listening to this episode of the Ohio Conference Cast.

While visiting Ohio this month, Glen Guyton made time to talk with Ohio Conference Cast host Thomas Dunn and his guest co-host, Paula Snyder Belousek. In this episode, they discuss #BringThePeace, as well as a variety of other topics, including the most recent Constituency Leaders Council meeting, the denominational convention in Kansas City, Mennonite World Conference, and a review of membership guidelines for the denomination.

To learn even more about #BringThePeace, see The denomination is encouraging everyone to share stories about how congregations are sharing God’s peace in their own context. If you have a story idea, you can share it at