For many North American Mennonites, the words “Mennonite World Conference” bring thoughts of a world-wide gathering of Anabaptists every six years. However, as Ohio Conference Cast hosts Thomas Dunn and Bill Seymour learn in this episode of Ohio Conference Cast, there’s much more to Mennonite World Conference than these large events.

Helping Thomas and Bill to learn more about Mennonite World Conference is their guest, Gerald Hildebrand of Winnipeg, Manitoba, who serves Mennonite World Conference as a regional representative for North America. He emphasizes the need that North American Mennonites have to learn from others around the world, saying, “We have an incomplete understanding, by ourselves, of what it means to be a devoted follower of Jesus. We need the help — we desperately need the help — of our global sisters and brothers to come alongside us and to enlighten us with what they’re about and what they’re discovering in their discipleship so that we can learn from one another and then together be the body of Christ.”

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